Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dynastic family, self described rich guy and the first trillionaire

   John Jacob Astor, is believed to be the first multi-millionaire. The first billionaire is thought to be the crude businessman John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller started Standard oil nearly one hundred fifty years ago,and still to this day if you are born with the name Rockefeller you have won the genetic lottery. Currently the war to be the first trillionaire is being waged. We need to call this a war, because that is exactly what it is. The onset of the industrial revolution has created vast wealth for the few met by poverty and misery by the overwhelming many. Is this like an old arcade game, where the entire point is simply to accumulate more points than the other guy? When you have more than you need, or could ever use it seems so.

    We cannot deny this reality, we must acknowledge the practice of modern business is the extraction of resources and labor from those who have few other choices. Death or labor, the hangman's knot handed to the us by the man in the half Windsor. We cannot believe the trickle down theories any longer. The bill of goods developed by Milton Friedman, sold to us by Ronald Reagan has proven to be the fine tuning extractive process that ushers the next phase of human history. That next phase of human history will be a return to the vast board game of feudalism. Concentrated power and little recourse by the masses at the bottom.

    The era of the race to the bottom is in full gallop. The machine has control,  all we can do is wait until the ghouls as the top decide to stop greasing the gears. The millionaires and billionaires control all and the first trillionaire will be an anointed king. We can find proof of this in our politics. On this day June 7th 2016, we have a formal dynastic family paid for and beholden to the worst denizens of Wall Street, running against a self described billionaire, who is selling himself as an every day working man who bleats how great he is. If this isn't proof that we lost control of the ship I don't know what is. America when will you be angelic?

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