Wednesday, July 24, 2013

About this Canary


      This is blog is dedicated to revealing the ways the aging "free" enterprise paradigm is dying, while focusing on how we as individuals in communities can contribute to our independence by engaging in simple everyday acts. These acts consist of lessening our dependence on corporate factory farms by building gardens with recycled spaces, tools and supplies, consuming less of the heavily produced products both edible and inedible, cutting waste, saving and re-purposing what we don't use, living in the moment, feeling gratitude for our long dead but not forgotten free markets mothers and fathers, moving forward through gradual personal change, getting our hands dirty. These steps may seem futile, but by becoming less dependent on our centralized lords (both public and private), becoming more empowered locally will gradually change the economic landscape, which in turn our public sphere will need to adjust as well.
     This is not a simple hyperbolic blog dedicated to the bashing of the men and women who hold free market enterprise as their chosen ideology. This blog serves as one man's attempt on the basic levels to recognize the way integrated systems are changing as they become arcane, outdated and more and more for only those who can pay the enormous entry fee. In addition this blog is free thought to what we can do on the most local of levels to liberate ourselves as much as possible.

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