Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sorry Donald your golf course sucks, we need the soil.

     I got my lefty friends screaming round the clock about the election. I got my Anarcho-communist friends screaming revolution in the streets. What are we going to do after the revolution? What are we going to do after this sham election? We got basic commodity prices rising each and every day, we got distribution systems that are based on planet killing fossil fuels, we got stupid fucking jobs that kill our souls. What is an election or a revolution going do? Who's gonna take power? What we need, is a bargaining chip. We need something that says I need neither of you, I got something better.

    I got the ability to provide the basics. We all do, soil and seeds. We figure out ways to procure land parcels for local gardens for staples, we boycott the big chains, we come together and work with the farmers who teach us, we change the division of labor, we cut down on electricity as much as possible, we save money from these cut backs, we build solar and wind, we read books instead of surfing the web all day, we show the powers that be, we the consumers and the workers are the source of all wealth and power. We stick our corporate overlords fingers in the dirt and say "you are the problem and atonement is due". Maybe the Ancoms show up and help us out. This is our bargaining chip let's play it.

    This photo is my first attempt at front yard gardening, it's small, we can build more.

 Rip out the grass, destroy Donald fucking trump's (sic) golf courses and build community farms

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