Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ideological conclusions. Economic expansion vs democratic process.

      The U.S does not offer any kind of real democracy. Instead we institute a kind of "formal democracy". It is a system of manipulation to serve as a n accepted form of exploitation. This formal democracy is accepted because it propels an offering of democratic illusion.

     Instead of organizing for populist causes we wait for permitted voting cycles. A few months after the voting cycle we come to recognize a kind of buyers remorse and then go back to waiting for the next permitted cycle. This cycle will repeat generation after generation while illusions of real democracy are presented by formal democratic systems.

     Why does the U.S body politic allow this to happen? It should be evident that our current mode of production places far greater emphasis on economic matters than we do for social process. Arguments are constantly made to subvert democratic process to economic growth. Furthermore arguments are also made to assert that without an expansive economy democratic society is not possible. These arguments are essentialist in nature and opt to subvert the will of the masses into the interest of the ruling class.

      When we get into democracy as juxtaposed against our economic layout we have to consider ideological constraints. A good exercise is to begin at a feasible point along your personal understanding of how the world works. Follow it through until the understanding begins to repeat or reach dramatic conclusions. The quicker your thought process reaches catastrophe the more time we need to spend considering what is causing the schism between that which prevents continuation of life and turns into disaster.

      The next occurrence we need to consider are the dependent variables of our understanding. Which variables are shouldering the most weight? By extracting the dependents and trends your personal ideology will become visible, possibly creating a new realization of your understanding. This process is an immense amount of work and well worth the trouble. After this new realization presents itself draw a personalized version of a venn-diagram. Consider how much the venn-diagram differs or remains the same to the ideology once thought was your own.

      If you witness a confirmation of your views through this process perhaps it is time to consider where these views came from. Like my other urges to dissect our inner beliefs the chore is to return to first principles to see what leaps and presuppositions we make without inquiry. This process requires a tremendous amount of unselving and inner honesty that you may not want to confront. The coice is yours cogito ergo sum.

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