Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two years ago too long again

     Two years ago today, tomorrow and the next day, Occupy Wall street, forever became a part of my vernacular. I sat glued to the boob tube, astonished that the first occupiers were engaging in our generation's call for unity and solidarity simply by setting up tents. It was a sight for sore eyes.

    Then it became a sight with sore eyes. The police state, swooped down, like a bored kitten who had just found an injured thrush. The severity of police actions I am sure you all witnessed, was pale in comparison to other police crack downs over the years, but it was still the movement we all wanted to see and be.

    The occupiers making camps in each and every city was hope. The police crackdowns were proof their (our) presence touched a nerve and we weren't just another flash in the pan outburst not to be taken seriously. Talks of austerity in Washington shifted to rabid discussion and finger waving over allegations of class warfare. Recognition that acts questioning societal position is only class warfare when the bottom threatens the top and never the other way around.

     New ideas, that never graced the airwaves of cable news or talk radio began being murmured at general assemblies. Idealism in mass and those who were just confident enough to be sick in the eyes of the powers that be. We were laughed at derided, ridiculed and most of all understood by those who live in glass ivory houses to represent all that they feared if we could pull ourselves together long enough.

     Weeks went by, many went astray frustrated with process, bickering or personal disagreement. More derision followed, words of failure were utter during the first anniversary. The seeds were planted the leaves of new life haven't stopped growing. I think many of the occupiers nationwide are realizing that to overcome the reasons we first came together will take much more than, protesting or voting. For a short while the fuel that made us leave our homes to camp in parks was enough to drive us to new heights as activists. It was great while it lasted. Until next time friends, I can't wait to wave our signs.

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