Wednesday, September 25, 2013

100-0 Cloture right side bed head Ted Cruz

     Last night I planted myself in front of c-span to watch Ted Cruz climb up on his soap box in a highly self serving faux filibuster. What was Ted Cruz doing last night? He wasn't filibustering, as there was no vote to be held or other formal process to delay. Cruz was SOAPBOXING, that's right using his spot in the senate as a publicity stunt.

     His base will hail the near 21 hour diatribe as some Strom Thurmond like effort (Thurmond filibustered for 24 hours against the civil rights act of 1957, basing his argument that equal rights would be a job killer... Sound familiar?). Word to the weary, Cruz is nothing more than a self serving sycophant and he will use any platform that is loosely related to his already established shtick to further his ambitious goals.

     When it comes down to it all of this is distraction. I will not affect any change by complaining about Ted Cruz and the Teapublicans. For that matter the ACA will not bring the kind of resolve we need to fix our individual and social ills. It is a time stop waxing about new creative ingenuity, and to start ripping down our held convictions that has brought us here. Ethical revolutions in place of technical solutions. Accepting the kind of U.S excess that most of refuse to even think about is the root of our problems.

     Cruz boasted several times through out the night "a vote for cloture is a vote to fund Obamacare".This afternoon Cruz himself voted for cloture. Yep right after blathering and threatening to not yield the floor Cruz voted for Cloture. You have got to be kidding me. I've seen toddlers through lesser fits, but remain more resolved than Cruz did this morning. Did he think his faux filibuster would blackout news coverage on the affirmative vote for cloture? I shouldn't attempt to get into the mind of a man so ambitious he refuses to think his actions through. It is important to note that the vote for cloture was 100-0. Not even Senators Lee or Sessions who stayed up most the night glad handing with Cruz voted against cloture.

     Time to turn off all that we can. Simplest solutions within the water, sun, soil and ourselves are waiting.

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