Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tuesday's Gone, Monsanto's immune and I am speechless

     For the last three weeks I have found myself too distracted to hold a thought long enough to blog. I have spent time on a local river with my sometimes reluctant pooch.
I have spent time filling my head with "American" past times. This last Tuesday my break from reality and my abandonment to apathy ended with break neck speed.

     Tuesday night's presidential address was something I thought about nearly all day.  I wondered if there would be an air strike. (nice way of saying we're gonna bomb the shit out of some po folk). I spent hours on social media discussing different points of view.

    After the Address I didn't necessarily feel a sense of relief, but I was glad I didn't hear a repeat of earlier declarations of "military actions". I went to sleep that night wondering exactly what it was that was really going on in Syria. Pipelines to chemical weapons, to alliances preceded world war 3 like implications my head spun.

     I missed what happened at home. On Tuesday afternoon congress attached the biotech protection rider to a budget provision for companies like Monsanto, Bayer, Cargill and Syngenta. in a very quiet way. What will we learn about the things big bio-tech is not just hiding us from but already trying to protect themselves from? This protection carries wide ranging precedents. Do these companies get to have the luxury of not having their actions and products to endure the proper legislative procedures? Will future bio-tech riders
similarly go unquestioned?

    Effectively this act neuters the USDA, deregulating the already sparsely watched bio-tech industry. Will other industrial sectors follow suite and look for ways to obfuscate oversight three months at a time? To be cynical we see that out regulatory bodies are ineffective at best and congress has gone into a survival mode where they will except the worse to get anything worked out in temporary of measures.

     There are up incoming march against Monsanto rallies. We need to get out and do everything we can to show our discomfort with the ways our body politic is poisoned, deceived, and disregarded by the powers that be both private and public. I hope to see you out there. Here's a link with some info about future dates.

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