Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Neo-liberal Leonard Cohen Sigh

     Have you ever looked at a map of the middle east? If you consider the middle east to begin with Egypt, and to arguably end with Iran, Iraq is is in the middle. With Syria as it's western neighbor. If you look at Iran U.S forces have strongholds to create a double front coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan. With Saudi Arabia to close enough to add a hand.

      The U.S has wanted economic control of Iran since shortly after WWII. Why am I discussing foreign affairs when I try to avoid such matters in my quest to focus on personal responsibility in the actions I can do here locally? I comment here, because everything is adding up to another U.S intervention in the middle east. The billions we spend bombing will never cease to be spent, until our need for the resources in that region subside.

    Why don't we have elected officials in the mainstream that are as adamant about ways to reduce, our carbon footprint and the severe reliance on fossil fuels as we are? My basic answer is that most constituents do not want to hear about changing our lives. The this is Merica mentality, where people continue to buy race cars for every day drivers, where we create cognitive dissonance in place of accepting that heavily processed foods create ill health, where it's our god damned right to consume more than we need, where those concerned with more than immediate gratification are lazy hippies, where profit is looked at more necessary than doing what is right, where continued hegemony and control is more vital at the cost of destruction than letting go of historical dominance.

      If Syria is next on the list, will it be like Libya? Iraq? Afghanistan? Will it be much bigger? This time it is scarier, because we know the outcome to the questions above. This time also includes old enemies treating one another like old enemies more so than in the recent past? As those banal bumper stickers read, I am already against the next war...

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