Monday, September 30, 2013

Craigslist savings, technocrats failing.

     Twenty minutes ago. The federal government missed its deadline to fund themselves. An elderly woman named Jane called me to pickup a free used T.V. I am suppose to meet her tomorrow. She offered me a green Andrew to help her install it. She complained that her last t.v died and she can't get comcast out to help her for this particular reason. I will end up refusing her money and helping for free as long as she is spry enough to help me lift the old tube t.v.

    What in the blue hell does a used T.V have to do with government shutdown? Not much. In fact the government shut down as of today, tomorrow and the rest of week means fuck all to a cabin dwelling pseudo cultural drop out. The AP reports that federal parks won't be serviced. Does this mean all of the arbitrary Ranger Rick's won't be there to look down at me and my friends when we show up at those blasted campsites? I hope so. Early October is a fine time to go even further in the wild than I already am.

    I digress, call me crazy, but am I alone in feeling like these latest shenanigans in both houses of congress are a desperate cry for attention? Dare I ask (with avoiding Alex Jones hysteria) what is really going on? Is congress acting out because we have ignored them? No, that can't be it. Is congress seeking attention because we are in a co-dependent, abusive relationship and is looking to shame itself rather than be ignored? That's pretty fucked up, and ridiculous, so nope. I get it, congress has developed a case of borderline personality disorder and is engaging in manipulative behavior inorder to get what it wants. Like most who suffer with BPD they have failed to pull it off without being noticed.

    Listen heeah congress, you have so much going for you so why throw it all away? We all love the heck fire out of you so keep your chin up. Is what I would say if any of this was remotely amusing or worth entertaining. What you really need to do is pull your heads out of your asses all of you (excuse Bernie and Liz). We pay you for your creativity and ability to problem solve. Yes I know the recent consensus is that we pay you to continually campaign, but you are greatly mistaken.

     If you refuse to do your job then we need to find persons who are willing to work. Ha I have been waiting since my early 20's to say that, as my bosses would tell me that when I would call in sick with a hang over. I am rambling now. Who will emerge as the adults in the room and end this charade? I'll give you 100 to 1 on Rand, Ted, Lee or Sessions. Step right up

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