Saturday, September 28, 2013

Buried Alive.

     The newspeak jargon of financial products is enough for a person like myself to tune out and use simple terms like greed, and call the banksters crooks, and then move onto something else. That's not what happened when I started reading a couple of books that had been on my list for a few months now.

     I thought I had a basic understanding of the terms thrown around since 2007. Terms like credit default swap adjustable rate mortgage, fixed rate mortgage, collateral debt obligation. It turns out I still don't have a good handle on any of it. Sure I can tell you the basics, but to do the actual math on how these moral slights of hand were used to fuel a rigged casino is beyond me.

    Some might say that by questioning the terms and concepts above I am engaging in anticapitalist thought. Or perhaps that if the free market was unfettered this would not have happened. I am not going to entertain that train of thought or spend too much more time figuring out how to use said concepts the way the banksters did. I will not be dragged down to that level of deception, or mudslinging (the anticapitalist sneer). I am not yet so cynical to believe that WE can't come up with more creative and beautiful ways to live without the kind of destruction that still lingers.

     To begin, each day we need to realize more and more the actions we commit that do nothing but reproduce the conditions that is causing the canker sores all over the earth. We need to look closely at the distributional players that insert avarice as a core tenet of our lives. In addition we need to setup more productive open spaces for communal farms, public debate and maintain them ourselves. It would be nice if we could get state support for these projects, but at this time the state is too beholden to the interests of finance, fossil fuels and the status-quo.

     We need to reverse the appropriation of the means of production away from the few into the hands of the many. This is not a task we will be able to accomplish over night.  Sisyphus rolled the boulder up the the hill everyday. We do the same with each and every punch of the fing time clock. What Sisyphus couldn't do we must. It's time to break out our chisels and start breaking down that which is built only to fall back upon us.

      It's a problem? No it's not a problem with the changes we will seek with passion and curiosity. Failure will be eminent at every turn, and the turns will come often . We need to not fear what has been preventing us from realizing our real wealth. That wealth is human potential, justice and a non-arbitrary distribution of the means of life.

    The point is not not to redistribute wealth from top to bottom, the reverse of what the banksters work at each and every day. The point is to overcome the conditions that has created these messes altogether.


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