Sunday, October 13, 2013

Christmas came early for the nuts who run the TeaParty. H.R 368 the gift that will keep on giving.

      I have just become aware of a resolution in the house that was passed on September 30th.The Republican House Rules Committee changed rules for this specific bill. They added language dictating that any motion may be offered only by the majority Leader or his designee. This resolution effectively put the man who gutted corruption oversight, Eric Cantor (or his designee) sole legislator of the house. There could have been a vote on the shutdown allowing moderate republicans and democrats to pass a clean bill to send up to the senate.

     300 million Americans are being held hostage because 435 members of the house, are unable to do their job because 49 members of the republican party have got the house speaker by his huevos. Is John Boehner's skin orange because the devil himself singed his flesh after guaranteeing him the speaker-ship? I am speaking facetiously of course, but Boehner's job is far more valuable to him then trying to do anything but appease the dark money men behind the teapublicans.

      "Is your money that good? Will it buy you forgiveness? Do you think that it could? I think you will find
when your death takes its toll, all the money you made will never buy back your soul." I can understand Boehner is scared to death of becoming unemployed in this economy and I know he will at the very least keep his chair in the house as long as he continues to not bite the hand that feeds. His gerrymandered district will be a honey hole till he is completely worn out doing the biding for his powers that be.

     Now is our time. Who will step up and push back after this heinous act? You and me. “The world is filled with people who are no longer needed -- and who try to make slaves of all of us -- and they have their music and we have ours.” It's time to make some noise.

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