Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cuckery you cucking cuck

      It's interesting that the emerging dude-bros/alt right has taken to calling everyone they disagree with "cucks". The term is a play on the word cuckold. I realize the updated meaning the dude-bros have assigned the word cuck is different than the standard definition of cuckold but let's unpack this. What is really behind the popularization of this insult? I think there is insecurity and a need for control. Indeed this is part of the "take back" mindset. A good friend pointed out to me the effectiveness of third and fourth wave feminism. Third and fourth wave feminism challenged male dominated patriarchy in ways that other social movements were unable or unwilling to do.

     This applies to the cuck insult. The word cuck as an insult implies, that a man who opposes the dude-bro is so weak that his woman cheats on him. Right here we see the mind set that womxn are possessions, and the dude-bro fears this happening to him. We also see womxn are to adhere to the social; dominant/patriarchal institutions, which ultimately seek to control a womxn's body and mind. The "cuck" who is unable to control these aspects is weak, and of course that makes his arguments invalid.

      The cuck insult is a way to re-frame male dominance, and thwart the progress of third and fourth wave feminism by attempting to insult the virility and strength of male allies. Does the average dude-bro who uses this insult realize this? I don't think so. These dude-bros are parroting an insult of an emerging culture that they feel will benefit their own male slice of the patriarchy.

      I should also mention (as a buddy pointed out in a DM) that some of the racist dude-bros also use the term cuck in reference to social programs that benefit POC. The term is quickly becoming a catchall, and my first round of thoughts will expand. Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts.

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