Sunday, April 3, 2016

Corporate capitalist killed themselves with my own hand. A brief outline of how to kill crony capitalism.

     This is a rough outline of a project I am just beginning to work on. This project is an examination at the factors in our day to day life that will have to change if we are ever to evolve beyond this archaic state of crony capitalism. The order of this outline is also a work in progress, currently these points are only in what comes to mind first.

1.) Extractivism: The first and foremost change that needs to occur is the way we as human beings help ourselves to what the world offers above and below the surface. The history of capitalism cannot be untangled from the history of extracting carbon producing fuels from the earth. Carbon producing fuels has always been the life blood of capitalism. To move beyond where we are today we will have to move beyond these fuels.

2.) Debt and credit: Since the late 1970's the global financial industry has grown like weeds. This growth has choked nearly every aspect of our lives. To move beyond captialism we will need to usher in a new era of the way debt and credit is not only distributed, but also the way we view systems of finance based on usury.

3.) Currency: A close examination of the history and economic stressors or Europe leading up to the first world war show us a currency based on bullion is too explosive to work for a sustainable periods of time. The history after the Nixon shock, shows us that fiat currency and central banking is is nitrogen for the weed that is crony capitalism. A new system of currency and universal medium to share goods (not necessarily services) is mandatory in this quest.

4.) Private property: Since the days of John Locke, the enclosure laws and the game laws the vast majority of working class folks who are unable to acquire the means to own land are completely susceptible to the insane whims of land lords, rental markets, and real estate markets. This susceptibility makes too many of us indentured servants to the basic hierarchy of needs. This indentured workforce is too easily taken advantage of , creating permanent classes of a new kind of aristocracy that is based on inheritance. The current notion of private property is the skeleton of crony capitalism.

5.) Adam Smith's infantile conception of markets: To move beyond the rut we are in we have to give up on the misreading of Adam Smith. The notion that the truck, barter and exchange is the meaning of our existence is no different than any medieval priest condemning souls to hell. We have to reconsider the organization and methods we provide and distribute the necessities and niceties of life.

6.) No longer do we ask can we afford: Whenever a massive project is needed, we always ask the question "can we afford that?" This question is infantile and leads to the decision making process and to the financial beings in and out of elected office who are ability to tilt the scales to further profits for themselves at the collective cost.

7.) Begin to ask "do we have the resources?": Instead of asking can we afford when it comes to the greater good, we have ask do we have the resources. Too often in our recent history we have misappropriated resources for things that destroy, why the things that give life atrophy. We have the resources to do right and we ought to.

8.) Education: Education is always the key. We need to provide the means to allow for stress-free education where our body politic is able to become well versed in critical thinking skills to be able to have the time to spend on the complex issues that are all around us.

9.) The time to use that education: The working poor is unable to consider the complex issues because their time is divided up in exploitative ways. We need to be comfortable enough to spend time with the education and critical thinking skills mentioned above.

10.) FDR's second bill of rights: To utilize the last two points we would need something like FDR's second bill of rights at least as a transitional vehicle. The method in which land, labor and currency are manipulated the beings who are most at risk will never be able to consider anything but the scraps that fall off of our masters table.

This is a rough outline. The proof reading was rushed and I the ideas to need to be fleshed out and properly weighed to move forward.

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