Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Same as it ever was

      Another war is on the horizon. The plutocrats continue to pat each other on the back with each closing bell. The Rockefeller family has begun to divest from fossil fuels, 300,000 plus protesters rally to fight climate change. We continue to examine the costs of doing what's right, like a junky looking in his wallet, still budgeting for his next shot.

     We need not take anyone with any amount of seriousness while he or she is examining costs in relation to the necessary changes we need to launch into concerning climate change. We need to take serious the resources we have within ourselves in doing what we know is right. Those who have the most to lose are holding back those of who have nothing to lose. The minute we stop asking, "can we afford" to do what's right and start looking to see what we can do with our natural resources in responsible ways outside of costs is the minute the calendar of planetary destruction resets.

     We have to consider what money really does to our society. It is a means of control. Currently the investor class dictates all of the big picture issues. Try doing anything within our society without money, see how far we get. The epicenter of all decision making on our planet earth is done by a small schizophrenic, and avarice minority on Wall Street. It's no secret, the Occupy movement tried to tattoo this on our collective consciousness, and for a minute the focus shifted. Then we lost focus and returned to name calling, party politcs, and attempting to control the Texas tea in Iraq, never gaining enough momentum to change even ourselves. Let me ask you one question, is their money that good, will it buy us a new planet, do you think that it could?

     Anyone who reads this, please comment one suggestion to what we can do today to Tear down that Wall Street.

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