Monday, September 1, 2014

For what

       As an average, mediocre working class kind of guy I realize it is easy to feel alienated, powerless and just down right defeated. The bills stack up, there are more days in the week than there are in the pay check. Ends usually don't meet and for what? This is not a reason to feel down. This is our reason to act out of spite for our own best interests. We are not the consumer, we are not the proletarian we are the naked ape (wo)man of today growing our thumb of destiny.

      Thomas Piketty in his (currently) trendy exegesis says "The history of economics is shaped by the way economic, social and political actors view what is just and what is not" (P.G 20 Capital In The Twenty First Century - Thomas Piketty) These actors all buy into a set of entrenched social, political, and economic institutions. For what do these actors buy into these sets of institutions? The answer to this question is to avoid having to do the work you and I do at the construction site, in the service sector, in hospitals.. These actors would buckle before the end of a pay period if they had to punch the clock we do.

     Those of us stuck working jobs we hate, to buy shit we don't need (FOR WHAT?) struggling to make ends meet rarely realize what it is we are capable of. We fail to see our potential, and in too many cases we do not have the human capital to step away long enough to invest into ourselves the way we ought to and truly deserve to. We must no longer be burdened by the fight within ourselves over scraps from the master's table. We must ask ourselves for what. We must think long and hard for what. For what do we toil in the master's fields? Worthless platitudes and self discovery only covers a tiny portion of our rescue from this plight. It's time to get to work, not for your boss, but for yourself.

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