Sunday, April 13, 2014

For the benefit of We.

     "Capitalism has destroyed our belief in any effective power but that of self interest backed by force." - George Bernard Shaw.

      We are lead to believe that capitalism and wage labor are the natural state of the way our lives and the entire world ought to function and that all else is dirty Marxist socialism. This is not true and anyone who has studied pre-industrial capitalist history will tell you the mode of production has been in a state of flux since human beings began keeping records, shortly after the invention of writing tools.

      It seems to me we are sold the lie which makes us believe the natural state of our lives is based in capitalist enterprises because of a dogmatic need. The powers that be need an unquestioned, dominant edifice to promote the social structure, which has made them the ruling power on earth. If we really begin to question and rebel against this edifice it becomes obvious that our lives are not based on any kind of natural order. Our lives are organized around a system that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

       Every working person who is unable to make their living through means of investment lives within a varied state of servitude. Our servitude provides unfettered freedom for the investing class. The kinds of freedom most enjoyed by the investing class is the ability to concentrate more capital, resources and ultimately power under their thumbs. I am under the opinion there is no way to work our way out of this peril through individual work alone. The jobs we work to buy shit we don't need are not the way to any kind of economic freedom.

      A revival of the commons is where we begin to pull our selves out of the edifice created by the capitalist class. Community and personal gardens need to be constructed so that we become less dependent on external market forces outside of our communities. Collective co-ops need to be created to offer skilled services to barter for goods between people of varied talents. We need social arrangements like these based on the good and whole of our local communities without approval from banks or wealthy donors.

      These acts to revive the commons will not only make community members less dependent on the market but also less dependent on wage labor itself. Through these acts we will be able to institute community measures that are for the good of the community, not for the sake of profit to be shipped hundreds if not thousands miles away to be locked away in tax havens. We will enrich our lives, by becoming less dependent on external players by embracing our neighbors and country-persons. These acts are for the benefit of we.  

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