Sunday, March 16, 2014

The balanced sweet spot within the means of production

    In the "free-market" every job is necessary. When there is demand for the products or services a job produces, creates or delivers it must be deemed necessary, by the free-market crowd right? This should be self evident, especially inside of businesses that turn huge profits decade after decade. If these jobs are necessary, why do we as a society not consider the person working the job also necessary? The easy answer is, there is more persons than there are jobs.

    In the U.S. those who punch the clock to make his or her ends meet are often looked down upon by the "job creators" as parasites, takers and so on. We can point the finger in the opposite direction, and trade barbs, about who are really the makers and takers, and hash out supply side economics versus "demand side" economics, but I am not going to. It seems more apparent to me that the truth of this matter is found when we realize, economic classes are interdependent and interrelated. We share common spaces, lands, countries and the same earth. In the end we do not need to be pitted against one another.
      That being said this is not the end. This is only the beginning. The time for enmity among classes is very much here. The reason I argue this is because, the entire notion of shared sacrifices is bunk at this time. If we look through the booms and busts of the last two centuries a select few have been been able to shield themselves from the pains of the bust, finding ways to profit based on speculative measures in the wake of mass misery.

      We need to end the double standard we witnessed before, during, and after the great recession. That double standard resonates as socialism for the wealthy and grueling free markets for everyone else. "Banks got bailed out we got sold out." This was the bleated at every Occupy camp cross the country. We were, and are a reaction to the growing "feudal" trends that are actively gaining strength around the globe. "No justice no peace". We will not have justice while economic polarity continues to expand.

        We need to find the balanced sweet spot within the means of production. Within this sweet spot we will find methods and ways to lessen economic suffering by diminishing economic polarity. Within this sweet spot we will find ways to place our environment in front of the economy. This sweet spot will include a a dramatic shift in values, principles and the way we organize our social structures.

      In order to re-organize our social structures we need to begin to re-organize our lives. We start simple, we start within our own homes and lives. There are methods and means we can begin doing right now. A collective effort beginning with the individual one new practice at a time. If we want to cure our social ills, the very same social ills that are discussed day in and day out in coffee shops, universities and cable news shows we need work together, by working on ourselves.

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