Wednesday, February 19, 2014

If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything

      For those of us who make it a point to engage in social and political discourse we have to ask ourselves, what we personally advocate. Are we advocating allegiance to an ideology, a party platform, the support of elected officials, the status quo? If we are able to truthfully answer this question, we have to to determine whether or not we are obligated to make a stand for whatever this ideal or everyday action is.

     The more general, and idealistic your stance is, the less credibility you hold. I talk and type with hundreds of persons who, when pressed, can only muster party talking points, or political buzz words to describe his or her beliefs. Seriously ask yourself, do these talking points actually apply to my day to day life as I am able to act on them? If the answer is no, then more work and a deeper return to examine your own first principles is mandatory.

     If you can condense generalizations into real world applications, then you might have a firm base within your own life to serve as a foundation. The more practical said applications are the more often you will be able to practice them. By using less resources and shifting our time to practices we control then we can invest those unused resources elsewhere.

     Starting with simple principles and finding ways to implement them everyday is what I advocate for. Reducing our needs, our consumption and creating more efficient ways in order to re-use what we once wasted in daily acts of sustainability will not only re-create a close bond with our environment, but also bare new forms of appreciation and gratitude for what we have. A life without want is what I strive for, and it can be done by taking the reigns of production into our own hands.

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