Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tolstoy, Gandhi, and many more

     I cam across a quote from Tolstoy today that read "“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Tolstoy wasn't the first or last man to make an assertion with this kind of sentiment. That being said this sentiment got me thinking about the personal transformation I am trying to endure each and every day. This journey has me doing things that are way off the beaten path from ideals I held earlier in my life

    The one thing that I have been spending a ton of time with in an effort to change my biggest daily habits is gardening. This hobby  on a micro level is absolutely fantastic. Every morning I go look inside my poor man's greenhouse to look for growth spurts. I feel like a child so curious, and the tidbits I have had to learn on my own have been absolutely stimulating.

    Back to the notion of change. As it applies to gardening, this practice has made me realize how completely divorced from the soil I have been all my life. I had no clue what it takes in the name of water and care to make sure the crops stay healthy. This return really makes me appreciate the food on my table for every meal, the farmers I pass on highway 1 who are break there backs so we have produce. These simple appreciations could be the biggest change I have endured in my entire life. It is one thing to labour for a pay check but to labour for what you eat is so completely grounding that I cannot help but demand anyone reading this begin planting fall crops. If you only have a windowsill use it. Creativity in gardening, creativity in turning the laws of scarcity upside down YEAGH! now we're talking. 

    Imagine how different life would be without the market built on the same basic principles from ancient times. Imagine what could be so limitless and free. Day to day living without those thoughts of compensating for normative values that really have no pliability if you are steeped in the dominant cultural frame work. Yes there are wars, and competition is still fiercely guarded as ultimately healthy, fuck that when looking in the mirror. It's just you and me, what will we do to change ourselves not today, but now? 

Thanks for reading.

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