Thursday, July 25, 2013

The rise and Fall of fructose mind.

     Two of the most iconic American poison (carcinogens have been found in their products) companies have witnessed stock struggles in recent years. Both companies blame sagging profits on the decline of sales here in North America. These companies are respectively named Coca Cola (KO on the Street) and McDonald's (MCD). This explanation (combined with different trends on the Street) can be called overly simplistic and it is. I am not an economist, nor have I ever owned or had any business with buying and selling so I am not an authority of any kind on this matter. I will gaze from a distance, like my German Shepard does when I am frustrated and cursing at the world with one of my manufactured stupid human problems, gauging my next move while the men and women obsessed with stock options do whatever it is they do.

    Yes I can admit I am a dog in the eyes of the stock owning elite of our nation. I am a dog who refuses to eat McDonald's and desperately tries to avoid sugared water (this is a hard one for your chubby blogger). What does the decline of sales for these two behemoths mean? Again I am not smart enough to really offer a detailed and well thought out exegesis of this trend. I can only tell you subjectively what I want this to mean.

     I want this trend to mean my fellow U.S citizens are eating better and making healthier decisions when it comes to diet. I can personally contest that better diet leads to a better life. Better diet leads to better moods, better moods lead to better decisions, better decisions lead to a snow ball effect of positive energy. I can sometimes feel this positive energy vibrate inside of me (I originally thought it was my phone ringing). With this positive energy if a friend needs help I feel so much stronger to be able to reach out and offer what I can.

     Before I felt like this I was in constant need of assistance, dependent. The reduction of poisons allowed into my body changed my life in the best possible way. It is obvious that my platitude to clean living relates to McDonald's and Coca Cola. The question is, are these behemoth businesses in our economies the most vulnerable to societal change? Are these two companies the canary in the mine? Time will tell if the stock struggles continue, but I for one advocate getting out of the mine.

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