Saturday, July 27, 2013

Contradiction in concept

     Have you ever had that realization that your conversation partner suffers from a severe case of cognitive dissonance? An unknowing gap between theory and practice? This is a hard nut to crack. The tin foil hat wearer who has upgraded to experimental grade titanium alloy? It is usually a good idea to just let sleeping dogs lie. Letting apathy continue for the sake of... you name the sake of your choice. 

      I'm not talking about apathy to the tabloid politics we are currently witnessing. I am talking about about the grandpa who suffers from gout, but still eats a hefty steak 4 nights a week. The terminally depressed sister who gorges on beer and carbohydrates? The person who feels he or she is misunderstood, but only waits to speak when conversing? I have no answers on how to approach those who choose to continue to engage in bad habits despite wanting to feel changes. 

     The matter of personal transformation, is a personal one. A decision to be made with the most stalwart of conviction and commitment. The want can be there but the will must assert itself. That river in Egypt is a hell of a thing to get over, and you will drown if you are not prepared and conditioned enough to follow through. The change on personal levels is what we need to start with. Beginning with the things we talk about, what we think about, maybe even with who.

    Have you ever been in a place where stray conversations can be heard, only to consider the true banality of what you are hearing? Made it seems banal because it is not a part of your life. Question is are you personally just as banal in your own eyes? Do you cage yourself with the limitation of scope within your daily practices? I know I do. What would happen to our lives if we were to change this scope?

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