Thursday, November 21, 2013

Abstract thoughts 1:11pm Thursday

      A distinction needs to be drawn within our dreams and thoughts. This distinction should separate what we long for that is transformative, substantive and ultimately sustaining a journey beyond our current existence, versus the reflections of consumerist ambition created through clever marketing campaigns. This is not an easy task. To do this we must begin to question all of our desires. Questioning our desires begins with separating our inner-subjectivity and trying to apply a heavy dose of outside objectivity.

     To do this we need to be open to the idea that we are and have been wrong. The lives we have lived up until this moment have been rooted a the ground tilled by someone other than ourselves, sprayed with divergent chemicals which has directed our capacities to somewhere other than where our true potential resides.

      Men like Plato, Kant, Hegel, and Burke have argued that the kind of truth we might find is too strong for our sensibilities. My response to this argument is that we have to make this choice for ourselves. If we decide that those philosophers were correct, by all mean we should embrace what is on our plate and question little. I will not confess to advocating apathy on this front.

      If you have made it this far the only reason you might is because comfort is a luxury we can't do without. Are we really that comfortable? If we are then we should acknowledge that everything we attempt to combat or advocate for, is not to actually help fix what is broken, but to make us feel better while we sit in our arguably chair of comfort. I will not make that choice for anyone other than myself.

     When we consider whether or not we have a duty, not only to ourselves and each other, but also to all the interconnected forms of life on this planet and beyond, we have to answer yes. We also have to determining what that specific duty is. Some of us have been fortunate to choose that duty in some capacity of service. Many of us actually act in opposition to our own potential and are in cahoots with forces that seek to suppress our interests.

    The acknowledgement that our actions serve to suppress our interests is why we need to make a distinction of our dreams and thoughts. We will see the distinction of dreams is a way to liberate our minds and eventually our lives.
                                                       Tune in, turn off and know thyself.

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