Saturday, August 3, 2013

Have you ever transcended space and time?

      Have you ever ripped down the foundations of your belief systems? Have you ever traced the genealogy of all the beliefs and ideologies you hold and connected the dots on why it is you hold said beliefs and ideologies? In some circles this is called deconstructing. It can be a painful and difficult process, but if you do it and and the conclusions you hold are true your core self remains authentic and genuine. If you do this and realize there are gaps, but hold onto the same beliefs you suffer from cognitive dissonance (continuing trend here). If there is a gap, but you begin to update your core self, the journey is amazing.

      This kind of process is not encouraged within a culture like ours (western). It is not encouraged because to do this we end up questioning power structures be it free markets, governments, churches, parents and most of all questioning the ourselves. There is a careful balance between deconstructing and exploding the self. From my own personal experience if tracing the origins of your belief system leads to a explosion of the self, it was bound to happen one way or another, sooner or later. 

     I write this entry mostly because I have recently encountered numerous, friends, family and acquaintances, who suffer from saying and believing one thing but behaving and acting in a complete different direction. This is a tough reality to accept. I for one lived in a reality where theory and practice were an impossible reality because of my life choices. It took an incredible amount of work to begin to make the simple choices so that my inner theory could align with my outer practice.

     Now I ask how does this process of deconstruction apply to the general themes of this blog? We say we want a bright future for the next generation, but refuse to funds schools and take advantage of eager high schools grads/college freshmen through the use of predatory student loans. We say support our troops, but our V.A has been in shambles for decades. These are just two examples and I realize they are the lowest of hanging fruit to buttress my thoughts. What I want to know is if we were to go through a mass process of deconstruction as a nation would we crumble as a society? Thanks for reading the next entry won't be as idealistic. If you like what you saw please give a look at

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