Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What we waste.

     Have you ever gone through your trash can? If so have you ever tried to do a detailed inventory? This was my project today in attempting to tackle the lowest of hanging rotten fruit in my life. Diving into my dumpster wasn't as disgusting as other dumpsters since there were little to no meat products to sift through. After a brief examination I realized that we (my roommate and I) are not doing the simple job of recycling. That's the easy part, separating all the polyethylene, products based on the number value they are classified under, from glass and refuse. We already recycle aluminum for the CRV but it is time to properly sort all of the rest CRV or not. I realize anyone that is eco-minded is probably three steps ahead of me. I confess this is my introduction to fusing theory and practice with these simple steps.

    Next I have a good supply of coffee grounds, egg shells, and other "green waste". Of course my eating habits are begging the question of why not create a compost bin? I have land at my disposal (benefits of renting a room out in the country), and the waste to do so great a new project. I am now O.A.M (on a mission) to find a used and free trash bin. I also need to read up on how to properly do this. This entry is going to have to be re-visited for I need to get off of my ass and get to work on this.

       Before I do that I want to examine some more waste. Banks and credit lenders rake in billions per year in late fees and overdraft policies. I once gave my money to the credit institutions for these asinine reasons for years because I was over extended in my life habits. I have reduced my bottom line through various methods and haven't paid fees of this nature in nearly seven years. I am nobody to give financial advice. I am just one guy trying to seek liberation through reduction. One of the best things I have done in my life was to cut everything I could do without from my budget to the bone. The first time I tried this I did it for six months. At the end of that time I had a measly couple grand saved. I then did it for another six months and was able to accomplish things I had wanted to do for a long time. I feel happier this way, less stressed out and overall more capable of offering compassion and understand to those who are suffering through these bad habits.

    Off to begin a compost bin thanks for reading. Reduction can be reprieve from servitude.

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